Carpet Tennis Courts

Richard Braverman, a financial advisor with Braverman Financial Associates in Lancaster, Pennsylania, spends his free time exercising and playing a variety of sports. Richard Braverman is a member of the Bent Creek Country Club and especially enjoys playing tennis.

Modern tennis players and fans following the professional tour are likely familiar with three distinct playing surfaces. Clay and hard courts comprise the vast majority of surfaces used throughout the world, while a smaller number of venues and tournaments utilize grass courts. However, players in the past were familiar with a few more surfaces. In fact, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) currently recognizes more than 160 unique surfaces, including carpet.

In some cases, carpet coverings can be rolled out to create a temporary court, though covers generally cannot be repaired after being used and need to be replaced. As recently as 2005, the Bercy Masters event in Paris, France, was played on carpet courts. Due to the lack of a standardized manufacturing process, carpet courts can play as a medium to somewhat fast surface. Considering carpets are usually placed indoors, they tend to play faster.


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