Strength Training for Tennis Players

Richard Braverman, owner and operator of Braverman Financial Associates, pursues a variety of active hobbies in his free time. An avid tennis player, Richard Braverman also maintains a personal strength training and fitness routine.

Tennis requires a high level of strength and stamina. An individual match can last between 30 minutes to more than 5 hours and requires repeated movements of major muscle groups, thus placing high demands on a player’s body. Strength training, when performed correctly, helps a player to be ready to meet these demands.

Stronger muscles help a tennis player increase the power of serves, volleys, and any other type of shot, while also allowing for faster movement around the court and improving overall stamina. This combination requires a balanced strength program that emphasizes both short-term and prolonged muscular endurance, as well as targeted building of multiple muscle groups.

The United States Tennis Association recommends that players address this diversity of needs with a balanced training program. The association advises players to work core muscles daily but alternate strength building in other muscle groups. By giving each group two to three days to recover between sessions, an athlete can achieve the most effective gains and reduce risk of injury.


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